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Welcome to the Online Photo Dictionary

It's the most fun and interactive picture dictionary on the web!

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The Online Photo Dictionary is the best picture dictionary on the internet because it's FUN! Whether you are studying English or Japanese, it's better to have fun doing it. The more fun you're having, the longer you will study - and it won't feel like studying!

Currently, you can study English and Japanese and we are working hard to bring more languages to you very soon! If you would like to improve your vocabulary in a foreign language or hear the correct native pronunciation of a word you already know, you can do that. Or maybe you'd like your child to learn some new words without even realizing he or she is learning.

How to use:

Using it is simple. All you need to do is move your mouse cursor around the screen and touch various objects to highlight them. When you hover over an item, a popup with the word's spelling will show. Clicking on the object once will teach you how to pronounce the word properly by a native English or Japanese speaker.

Normally, the highlighting is green. This means that you can click on it once to hear the word's pronunciation. But sometimes you'll notice a red highlight. These highlights are special because if you click on it twice, the site will take you to a new page for a close up or alternate view of the object! For example, if you're on the page called "Head", you'll notice that the highlighting for the woman's eyes is red. If you double-click on this area, you will be brought to a new page with a close-up of an eye so that you can learn the words for all the parts of the eye. (Occasionally, the highlight will be a different color because the green sometimes doesn't show up very well. For example, on the maps pages, the highlighting is pink with a blue border. This makes the highlighting much easier to see on the green background.)

The Online Photo Dictionary is the most fun you'll have learning building your vocabulary in any language you desire. It's perfect for ESL and EFL students as well as native English children to learn about the world around them in English or students wanting to study new Japanese words.

Enjoy your visit to the site!